Journey Of Tastes

Cyprus: A real Journey Of Tastes One of the great secrets of the Cypriot cuisine is undoubtedly the various spices and condiments, which flavor unique dishes, offering unforgettable flavors. Cypriot cuisine is characterized by traditional drinks and dishes.

Cyprus Traditional Cheese

Halloumi is the traditional cheese of Cyprus that has been served for centuries on the Cypriots tables; and its name clearly associate with the Cyprus tradition for many years. The traditional Cyprus cheese, Halloumi is a worldwide well known for its unique and sole taste.

Astonishing Food

The Cypriot Astonishing Food The Cypriot cuisine has a multicultural heritage, from Greek and Lebanese to French and Italian flavours.  The fact that Cypriots have integrated all those influences into their cuisine and culture, has been a great attraction for tourist as they are very interested and fascinating in these special kind of cuisine.