Cyprus: A real Journey Of Tastes

One of the great secrets of the Cypriot cuisine is undoubtedly the various spices and condiments, which flavor unique dishes, offering unforgettable flavors. Cypriot cuisine is characterized by traditional drinks and dishes.

Zivania or Zivana is a traditional Cyprus wine made from grape juice. Zivania is characterized by its typical taste and aroma.

Commandaria is a sweet dessert wine produced in the region Commandaria Cyprus, in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains and it’s produced by sun-dried grapes. It has the oldest tradition than any other wine in the world.

As it concerns Cyprus traditional foods lountza is sausage, a local Cypriot product from smoked pork. Usually it’s eaten sliced and also is accompanied with local cheese, halloumi. Also be fried or grilled.

Halloumi is a semi-hard cheese, made from a mixture of cow, goat and sheep milk and can be grilled or pan. It has a white color and it does not melt in high temperature developed during the baking.

Bread in Cypriot cuisine and culture has a unique value and holds a prominent position.
Since ancient times Cypriot put bread in their daily diet. Bread was a dominant presence and importance in the biggest religious festivals, in weddings and births.

Koumoula where been made especially for those who where going to visit a new mother. Daktyla are similar also.

Glistarkes are crackers made from thin strips of dough, which placed circular, crossed the center and sprayed with sesame seeds.

Vortakouthkia are cookies, which are prepared to express the desire of farmers for rain.

Anthropouthkia are small cookies. Anthropouthkia means small people. According to tradition Cypriot people made these cookies for the souls of the dead people.

Stavrokouloura are cookies with a cross on them. People were hanging them on the walls during season’s days to protect them from evil.

Special Cypriot Dishes

Sieftalia: barbecued pork burgers
Koupes: food from cracked wheat and minced meat.
Cyprus Stifado: These are but beef stew or rabbit cooked with vinegar, onions and herbs.
Koupepia: Grape leaves with minced meat and rice.
Afelia: Pork, marinated in wine and coriander
Ofto kleftikon: pieces of lamb, flavored with bay leaves and cooked in a traditional oven, sealed with clay
Talattouri: Yogurt made with garlic, cucumbers, olive oil and yogurt.

Sweet pure sweetness!

Cypriot cakes and sweets have no ending! Daktyla, small crepes with hazelnuts and chocolate praline and honey, siamali, kolokotes with raisins and oatmeal, the Cyprus pastelaki with sesame seeds, peanuts and honey and of course, traditional Cypriot donuts.

All these Cypriot recipes and flavors, add their own special touch to global culinary map!