Halloumi is the traditional cheese of Cyprus that has been served for centuries on the Cypriots tables; and its name clearly associate with the Cyprus tradition for many years.

The traditional Cyprus cheese, Halloumi is a worldwide well known for its unique and sole taste. Halloumi is usually been made from sheep’s milk or a combination of ship and goat’s milk. In addition Cypriot people also include a bit of mint to give the cheese sole and remarkable flavor. The Cypriot traditional way for the cheese production is very much alike to mozzarella making, submerging fresh curd in warm whey in order to make it soften. When this procedure finishes, the producers are hand-folding Halloumi to take its shape.

Since Halloumi is so popular now, not only within the Cypriot culture but it also gained a worldwide reputation; its production in these days is mainly created by large dairies. Therefore, Halloumi is now available in small individual packages that include some of its whey, and sold on reasonable prices. However, this does not necessarily mean Cypriot people have stopped producing their own home-made Halloumi with the traditional way for personal use or for selling it.  

Halloumi is a unique cheese that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Usually Cypriot people eat Halloumi fresh as it comes as a meze or in sandwiches, grilled on charcoal, fried, grated on their pasta and it is also served with fruits such as with watermelon which is a very popular Halloumi fruit combination in Cyprus.

The United Stated Trademark and Appeal Board, recently struck down the challenge from Denmark concerning the name of the cheese “Halloumi” and ruled in favor of Cyprus. Therefore, Halloumi is now officially recognized worldwide as a distinctive cheese originally from Cyprus.