The Cypriot Astonishing Food

The Cypriot cuisine has a multicultural heritage, from Greek and Lebanese to French and Italian flavours.  The fact that Cypriots have integrated all those influences into their cuisine and culture, has been a great attraction for tourist as they are very interested and fascinating in these special kind of cuisine. The island has an excellent Mediterranean climate and therefore fruits and vegetables are fresh and delicious, having their unique aroma that characterise that particular fruit or vegetable. 

Most Cypriot households have learnt how to make most if not all of their food themselves; therefore, most Cypriots are usually having homemade food daily. While the Cypriot main meal dishes or serving types remains the same all the year around, Cypriot foods and especially fruits bound by seasonal availability and festivals associated with that particular fruit or food. By visiting the island of Cyprus during September, you can witness the ‘Wine Festival’ in Limassol that lasts for two weeks and where you can taste some of the local wines for free. During New Year festivals the Cypriot women’s are preparing the local traditional cake ‘Vasilopita’ that has a coin included in the cake and the person who find this coin it is belived that will be lucky for all the whole year.

It is being said by many visitors of the island possibly the most fascinating serving style in Cyprus, is the serving style of the traditional ‘Cypriot mezze’. The Cypriot mezze is a combination of usually up to thirty dishes, served in small plates (similar to tapas for those who are familiar with the Spanish cuisine). There are three types of mezze in Cyprus, the typical meat mezze, the fish mezze and some taverns also make mix meze which is a compination of the most importand plates of the meat and the fish mezze. Mezze is always comes with the traditional Cypriot salad, pita bread and some dips like the tzatziki, taramas, taxini or houmous, where some taverns they also served tirokafteri (cheese with some chillies) and beetroots.  However, if you are a vegetarian, ask for a vegetarian meal because Cypriots are usually having meat in their kitchen, but they also have some delicious vegetarian dishes.

Few of the Cypriot all the times favourite dishes, is the Cypriot Dolmades with or without meat, Tavas, Kebabs, Kleftiko, Pastitsio and Mousaka again can be found with or without meat, grilled halloumi suitable for vegetarians or not and many other dishes are delightful.

Cypriot coffee houses locally called ‘kafenio’, are serving the traditional Cypriot coffee, some local and traditional sweets ‘glyka’ that are usually fruits that are cooked with a special way. Don’t missed out your chance to have a try on those sweets! They are really amazing with a great taste.